Cài áo hoa flower brooch CA24J

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Chất liệu: voan, hạt châu và hạt đá cao cấp
Kích thước hoa: 8 cm
Số lượng sản xuất: 1
Phong thủy: mệnh kim 


Material: ribbon, applique, fabric flowers, beads, and rhinestones
Flower’s size: 8 cm
Production quantity: 1
Feng shui: metal birth element
Time of delivery: 7-20 days for worldwide orders

Need an accessory to compliment your special outfit? This beautiful handmade fabric flower brooch is perfect for any occasion. You can pin it to a hat, scarf or a bag and create a unique trim or you can pin it to lampshades, pillows, cushions, curtains, and etc.

All items are handcrafted with love in our workshop and ready to be shipped worldwide.

Cài áo hoa flower brooch CA24J
Cài áo hoa flower brooch CA24J